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The Bush Company, Inc. was established in 1980. The Company is uniquely organized to function as general business developers. For 26 years the company has managed a diverse range of business activity in both the domestic and international markets. The diversity of its consultants is directly related to the professional network of hardworking individuals with whom the Company has collaborated with over the years.

The combined expertise of our staff and associates creates a unique tapestry of experiences, skills, and backgrounds from all over the world. As such, we are capable of providing unique ideas, innovative approaches and creative solutions for business.

Historically, our domestic services and consultants have been concerned with the food service industry, information technology and small business consultancy services. Our international experience has been project development relative to natural resources and agribusiness/food processing projects.

We employ a market driven philosophy. That is, we focus on market identification, evaluation of your products and/or services, and what is required to obtain a fair market share. Please, review our track record below.

Track Record — (E. Douglas Shadd, President and Staff)

  •      Provided Type A School Lunches to District of Columbia Public Schools from 1981 through 1985 serving approximately 14,000 meals per day, achieved 100% delivery rate, Bid awards

  •     Provided fresh and frozen meats to the District of Columbia Department of Correction serving D.C. jail and Lorton Virginia facilities

  •     Represented (brokerage agreements) with major food manufacturers such as ITT Morton Frozen Foods; Draper Egg Products; H.G. Parks Company; Blue Ridge farms; Mort’s Restaurant & Hotel Equipment Supply Company; Bay State Beef Co.; North Atlantic Fisheries and Stay Fresh Beverage Inc. ; NAMS, Inc.

  •     Executed food service supply contract awards in the $10 million value level

  •     Developed theme restaurant and 600 seat dinner theater.

  •  Packaged several fast food franchises two McDonald”s and one Burger King, Minority Business Enterprises (MBE) utilization specialist, having participated in the procurement of contracts for goods and services in excess $30 million, for MBE clients over a four year period

  • Prepared hundreds of business plans, loan packages and federal government 8(A) packages for firms in the Hair Care & Cosmetic industry, Construction Supply firms, janitorial and security firms, retail services and stores, child care facilities, professional services and Non profit community based organizations and NGO’s

  • Developed and implemented job cost analysis and budget variance reports for medium size construction firm ($20 million volume), developed similar programs for several smaller firms

  • US/Nigerian: A member of the Joint Agriculture Consultative Committee (JACC), Green Revolution Project, participated in two conferences, lead delegation in terms of generation of potential business deals. Exceeded $20 million

  • Developed relational database Rebate Collection program for Choice Hotels International, then -the nation’s largest Hotel Franchise, four-year project. This was a complex task that we took from concept through implementation and three years of system management. It involved conception, design, and modeling, winning customer and vendor participation and supports, expansion of vendor programs, tracking franchise purchases throughout the United States, i.e., 3500 + units / 50 + distributors / 30 + vendors with more than 3000 products. Developed management reports that enabled management with the capacity to participate in promotional funding based on usage. Tracked and paid promotional bonuses to franchise owners, provided consolidated reports to vendors’ system wide, resulting in lower pricing and higher promotional funding, managed the payout system.

  • Prospected two-thirds of Guyana, South America for gold and diamonds, four year involvement, held over 100 claims, eight teams, more than 90 employed

  • Conducted poultry and egg production feasibility studies in Nigeria, West Africa

  • Conducted frozen fruits and vegetable processing plant feasibility study for Argentina, South America

  • Provided technical services on bid project for Saudi Arabia, designed food service facility for 5,000; developed menus and warehouse facilities including cold and frozen storage requirements

  • First American company to be awarded an exclusive permission for gold mining in Guyana, South America, since its independence. Negotiated rights for an area of land greater than sixty square miles

  • Conducted feasibility study on gold project in Mali, West Africa for major law firm in Washington, D.C., representing trust fund

  • Provide technical services relative to New Start Business Development for the clients and consultant staff of the Small Business Incubator of Washington D.C.

    Contractor to DC Government: Information Technology services contracts in excess of $350K on task order basis, Managed printing and copy supply services on purchase order basis

    Provided Management and Technical assistance and business development guidance to New-Start Businesses, assist in business plan development, finance and loan packaging, facilitate business plan implementation which ranged from setting up budget controls, resource selection, buy out of capital equipment and technical services, facilitate price modeling, develop marketing and sales materials, facilitate specific research and/or conduct strategic planning assessments, facilitate key employee training, coach, guide and inspire the entrepreneurial sprit. Sampling of client types recently serviced:

    1) Facilitated Development of New-Start Spice Processing Facility- 18 month assignment,$2.5 million budget, Ghana West Africa: Handled domestic components of project: Developed internal budget controls; Brought architectural and engineering inputs to the table; Realigned the equipment package scheme for compatible product processing; Facilitated Buyout of equipment and technical services; Installed web-enabled accounting software for Manufacturing & Wholesale firm, established chart of accounts and opening balances and facilitated balance sheet and operating statement design for domestic and foreign subsidiary, facilitated logistics & shipments to Ghana.

    2) HUB Zone Consultant Company – Facilitated construction management for the renovation of their facility approx. 10,000 sq. ft. $300K budget; successfully completed their GSA MOBIS application, which resulted with them being on the GSA Schedule, a 5 year contract vehicle with 2 renewable 5 yr. options. Successfully negotiated sale of their janitorial division.

    3) Waste Management Company – provided loan packaging services on a $2.4 million refinancing package, negotiated favorable terms with the lending institution after restructuring financials.

    4) Construction Management & Manufacturing Company- Facilitated proposal development by conducting financial review, conducted cost evaluations concerning the manufacturing of Structural Insulated Panels (SIP), concluded market evaluations in reference to property values, and property availability.

    5) New Start Agribusiness Company- This Company seeks to grow and process spices and vegetable in Ghana West Africa. To that end I facilitated business proposal review, provided current finished product pricing which caused them to make significant revisions to their business plan and loan proposal.

    6) Construction Services Company – Initially this company was functioning as a general contractor, with finish work as there specialty. Through coaching I moved them from a struggling general contractor into construction management services for which they were better suited
    Owner & Developer of the NEW DIMS Project; an International Business Development program that promotes the development of a food processing and packaging facility. Its goal is to improve upon the nutritional health within developing countries through the introduction of affordable innovative products, and improved processing and packaging techniques of traditional foods. This project promotes trade and less AID, it offers entrepreneurial opportunities, training and employment opportunities. The development process is ongoing, current focus is West Africa. The initial products considered are NEW-DIMS a Whey Base Powdered Milk substitute, Tomato Powder, and African Corn Flour Cereal. If interested in participating in the development and operation of the project, CLICK HERE: BUSINESS COLLABORATIVE OPPORTUNITY.

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