International Food Processing Facility

International Food Processing facility:

Developers of food processing and packaging facility that specializes in Solids and Liquid Blending, Nutritional Fortification, and Flavor Enhancement; Packaging with Flexible Pouch Material that can be nitrogen flushed, hermetically sealed creating a longer shelf life.

Current Project: Food Processing Project
Potential Associates:

The following is a brief overview of a International Business Development project sponsored and promoted by The Bush Company. The Company is currently developing a data base of individuals, companies and concerns who may be interested in participating in the development of the project. After review of the following information, if you feel that you or your company or concern has something to offer toward the development of this venture please contact us.

Send a cover letter stating your interest i.e. seeking employment, offering consultant services, or entrepreneurial interest or any combination thereof. Provide resume, profile or company capability statement.

The Bush Company is a US based Business Development Company that desires to participate in international business development. To that end, it has evaluated various business opportunities within the food processing, packaging and distribution and agribusiness sectors of WEST AFRICA. The company concluded they can improve upon the nutritional health within the region through the introduction of affordable, innovative new products, as well as improve upon the processing and packaging techniques of traditional African foods. Franchise and /or Chain development is a major feature of this project.

To accomplish this goal the company propose to establish a multi-purpose food and beverage, packaging and processing facility in WEST AFRICA . The development and design of this facility will be driven by market demand for various products and established on a component basis. This facility will also be prepared to handle advanced Food Research and Development activity and laboratory evaluations.

Products considered for development must satisfy the following development criteria:

A) improve the nutritional health of the consumer base
B) facilitate technology transfer
C) economical for host country production
D) have a significant profit potential
E) appeal to a mass market
F) technically compatible with existing production capability
G) serve as an enhancement to our corporate image

The project will use bi-lateral African and USA agricultural materials which will stimulate trade. The development of the proposed African based facility will be the result of a collaboration of US / African management, technical assistance, technology transfer. The product mix under consideration will be marketed to the ECOWAS states and Africa in general.

The range of products considered are:
A) Dehydrated high protein powders that can be reconstituted into food emulsions and drinkable items.
B) Traditional African Foods such as fermented high protein cereals, that can be improved with built-in convenience and fortified vitamins.
C) Ready-to-eat breakfast cereals processed with high temperature short time processing (extrusion).
D) Food entrees for the hospitality and airline industries.

The products and methods considered for processing and packaging include:

A) Initial product line — NEW-DIMS powdered milk alternative; Tomato Powder; African Corn Flour fortified with NEW-DIMS. A secondary market exists for the processing and packaging of local production for export i.e., nuts, cashews, processed fruits.
B) Processing methods include blending, sorting, grinding and pouch packaging dry products to various consumer size pouch pack containers.
C) Future considerations include agribusiness development prospects for the production of grains, tomatoes and other crops. In addition, reconstitution of powders to liquids for packaging in bottles, cans, and plastics.

Milestone accomplishments include:
The Bush Company and Associates started this project almost five years ago and have invested over invested over $375K.

1) Market research on food stuff requirements for Africa resulted in the identification and selection of the proposed product line, milk powder substitute, tomato powder, and cereal.
2) Product research and development that resulted in the formulation of NEW-DIMS (milk powder alternative); identification and formula adjustments to a tomato powder, and improvements to African corn flour.
3) Initial product formulation, ingredient selection and production design took into consideration technology transfer issues.
4) Concluded economic evaluation for the production of NEW-DIMS in Africa
5) Developed and Management Team of Industry Professionals who have impeccable credentials, they have a tremendous amount of expertise relative to manufacturing, product development, marketing, and business management.
6) Developed a comprehensive business proposal for investment considerations. The comprehensive proposal took into consideration management skills, equipment selection, sizing and modifications, facilities layout and design and engineering, production modeling, product research and development, marketing/sales evaluations, purchasing and logistical considerations, warehousing/distribution data, quality control advice, pro forma projections, legal advise and international business considerations.
7) Developed comprehensive Growth Plan Projections. This proposal deals with the financial impact on the initial business plan and the growing of the business via franchise / chain development into other plants and or countries.

Current Status

The business proposals determined the requisite resources i.e., “who, what, when, where, how long and how much” it takes to establish the facility. Upon concluding the funding arrangement, the proposed work program will be implemented. The finish product will be a turn key development setting forth the custom design, construction and facilities management and operations of the total project. We are in the process of identifying and meeting with various resources:


A) Individuals and institutional investors
B) Potential Teaming / Trade partners
C) International Agencies and Organizations


A) MBA’s with marketing, food production, product development and sales expertise
B) Engineering & Facilities Layout Consultants (Food Processing experience)
C) Food Technologist (experience with WHEY, and other powdered substances)
D) Food Technologist (experience with spices, tomato powder)
E) Food Technologist (experienced with cereal production and fermented applications)
F) Agricultural Economist with experience in commercial production cycle evaluations
G) Agribusiness Development Specialist (grains, tomatoes, nuts, spices)
H) Internet and Electronic Media Specialist
I) Research Nutritionist
J) Food Processing Production Managers
K) Accountant / Financial Manager

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