International food consultants, food processing and packaging of powdered nutritional health items i.e. Whey milk substitute, Tomato paste, Cereal from corn flour. R & D services, Blending dry solids/liquids, flexible pouch packaging using materials of paper, foil, poly, and composites. Agribusiness and small scale farm development.


We provide complete coverage from project and/or product conceptualization through research and development to design, production, packaging and marketing of all types of foods & feeding programs

We have participated in projects located in Africa, the Caribbean and South America. Our international business experience includes projects that we sponsored and/or have provided consultant services for:

Organized and established business relationships between host-country  government and private sector.
Negotiated contracts and agreements between host-country government and private sector.
Conducted numerous feasibility and project financing analyses for private sector ventures.
Provided technical assistance to host-country governments and private sector businesses.
Current Project: NEW-DIMS Executive Summary


The scope of services and/or level of participation can range from initial conceptualization of a project, pre-feasibility, feasibility analysis, technical and training support, project financing, deal structuring and, where feasible, conclude projects on a Turn Key basis. We prefer projects that have an annual net income potential of $500K and higher and/or projects that create significant reciprocal trade opportunities, and improve the quality of life.


Financial Services — We develop accounting systems, costs and inventory control systems, financial reports and statements, loan package projections; and feasibility studies.

Management Services — We develop start-up business proposals, identify and organize resources for business development, conduct training seminars, prepare and evaluate management reports, prepare bid documents, contracts and performance reports.

Marketing Services –We provide market identification services, product research and development, market forecasting, and product packaging evaluations. We also develop marketing strategy and product testing, as well as conduct sales and training seminars. We facilitate contract procurement for MBE firms in both private and public sectors and develop brochures and promotional materials.


International Business Development

Business Management Consultants

Developers of food processing and packaging facility that specializes in Solids and Liquid Blending, Nutritional Fortification, and Flavor Enhancement; Packaging with Flexible Pouch Material that can be nitrogen flushed, hermetically sealed creating long term shelf stable goods.


NEW-DIMS — Milk Alternative powdered health drink, Whey base, low lactose, great flavor. Tomato Powder Products, Dry tomato powder hot break.

NUTRA-MAZE –  a Traditional African Food made into convenient instant powder, natural fermented corn flour, makes cereals, corn dough, Banku and Kenkey.

Other Products
We have focused much of our attention on processing and packaging the products noted above, however we are willing to collaborate on other products that fit our objectives and goals of providing nutritional, affordable, profitable, quality products. See Products.

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