Strategic Planning – are those actions that lead to the definition of a company’s mission, the formulation of its goals, and the development of the specific strategies that will be implemented to meet those goals. There are four basic characteristics of strategic planning:
1) Involves decision makers at all levels.
2) Deals with the allocations of the firms resources such as capital, labor, or capacity.
3) Focuses on the long term aspirations and builds short term steps relative to the long term objectives.
4) Deal with the company’s interaction with its environment.

Strategic Planning is goal oriented i.e. relative to growing or selling the business, succession planning, increase profits or market share, and should be rewards oriented. We have significant change management expertise and can guide companies through the development and implementation process.

Accounting & Financial Management – We recommend and install off the shelf software systems and develop supplemental accounting systems to support unique applications relative to costs and inventory control systems, financial reports and statements. We prepare loan packages and conduct feasibility studies. We provide staff training on the usage thereof. We facilitate budgeting, break even analysis, cost and/or profit center development, cash flow analysis and forecasting, pricing evaluations, and business valuations. We develop incentive plans and can structure score card evaluations. We facilitate “What If “financial scenarios. We are versed in bid business applications.

Management Services – We develop business proposals for Start-up or expansion, we identify and organize resources for business development, conduct training seminars, prepare and evaluate management reports, develop organizational information such as functional charts, span of control and balancing charts. Facilitate human resources, including job descriptions, performance appraisals, develop contracts and agreements. Develop HACCP and Safety Plans, as well as develop comprehensive employee hand book. Our services range from coaching through actual planning and implementation.

Marketing & Sales – We provide market identification services, product research and development, market forecasting, and product packaging evaluations. We also develop marketing strategy and product testing, as well as conduct sales training seminars. We facilitate contract procurement for MBE firms in both private and public sectors and facilitate the development of brochures and promotional materials in various media.
Our over goal is to provide customer satisfaction; we teach, lead, inspire and empower our clients to succeed in a global environment. We use a team approach and bring in specialist or functional experts as required but you will always have one primary consultant. Our services include an initial interview that usually takes 8 to 16 hours wherein an overall Task Order is developed setting forth the proposed services and a contract for services. The consultancy process will be thoroughly presented and projected outcomes discussed. See Task Order Sheet.

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