BUSHCO’s Information Technology Division is staffed by professionals with over 100 years of combined senior level experience. Our Associates has provided business and technical services to some of the countries largest and most complex government organizations and corporations. We provide database management, systems integration, software engineering, project management, systems design and implementation and the overall capacity to analyze and solve management and user problems. We offer a comprehensive, systematic approach to providing quality compliant services. Project components include, but are not limited to, task management, software installation, documentation, product design and modification, reports and interfaces, job streams, system testing, and training. Our Information Technology division has inherited the talent and past performance of its’ capable Associates. In the collective, we have provided services to both public sector and private sectors.

Computer Management Services

We provide professional services to clients in the following specialized areas:

Database management systems
Information systems design and implementation
ADP analysis, design programming and training
Software & Hardware engineering
Internet Technology Specialist & Consultants

Software & Hardware familiarity include:
XBase, Lotus, Paradox, “C.”  Informix, Oracle, WordPerfect, Windows 95/98, Microsoft Word, Access, PowerPoint, Excel, Quattro Pro, Case, IBM, DEC, 3-COM, Novell, UB: GOSIP, TCP/IP, MAP/TOP, OSI Protocols, UNIX, COBOL, CICS (Command Level), ENDEVOR, FILE-AID, ABEND-AID, XPEDITER, ADABAS, CORE, VSAM, TOS/ISPF, JCL, OS/MVS, DOS/VSE, CMS, CA-7/CA11, CONTROL M, IBM Utilities, IDCAMS, LIBRARIAN, EASYTRIEVE, FORTRAN, Large Mainframe Hardware.

Information Technology

BUSHCO emphasizes high productivity, project delivery, leading edge technology and a strong management and professional team. We are ready to provide you with a team of experienced professionals who have extensive information technology experience managing, planning, analyzing and implementing projects for several large public and private institutions. We utilize this broad scope of experience and technical knowledge to ensure successful delivery and implementation of clients’ functional and technical requirements.  Project implementation include:

Identify Modifications
New Development
Policies and Procedures
Quality Assurance
Unit/System Test
Interfaces and Reports
Clients/Agencies Acceptance Test
Change Management
Function and Technical Training

BUSHCO’s management team objectives include:

Problem identification, Task development and implementation.
Timely and successful delivery of contract service.
Providing a full range of professionals that can provide comprehensive coverage.
The Bush Company’s Project Management Team will provide regular project meetings, scheduling of deliverables, quality review of deliverables, and ensure that the efforts of the Bush Company and Clients’ staff are well coordinated.

Principles and Techniques

Our information technology team has acquired a wide-range of skills and expertise working for some of the top public and private institutions and agencies in the country.  In light of our comprehensive experience we are prepared to implement various techniques i.e.:

Interactive Approach — We ensure that all clients receive timely, complete information that is relevant to the project; and all team members have access to schedules, changes, meetings and other information that involve the project.

Clients Involvement — We ensure that the technical teams, as well as the clients’ project leadership is always involved in system design, project planning, implementation, functional and technical training, and development of policy and procedures.
Problem Resolutions/Risk Management — All problems are quickly addressed, researched, and presented to management and decisions are documented and immediately communicated to all team members.  We will develop and review, with client management, an explicit approach for resolving potential project risk and conduct frequent risk evaluation meetings.
Project Deliverables — We guarantee that the functional and technical design addresses clients’ needs and requirements.

Project Control and Reporting

BUSHCO’s project control and reporting encompasses the techniques and tools that track, document, and manages project issues, project milestones, and report overall project status.  We use the following tools and techniques:
Microsoft Project — An automated project management tool for managing tasks, deliverables, and schedules.

Deliverable Schedule — A listing of deliverables itemized by task area.
Milestones Chart —  A high-level graphic display of the deliverable schedule.
Status Meetings — Management and team meetings to discuss, review and resolve issues.
Project Reports — Status reports that identify accomplishments, project issues and recommendations for issue resolutions.
Issue Tracking and Management —  An Automated Issue Tracking system.
Steering Committee Meetings — Regular Steering Committee meetings to review the overall project progress.
Quality Assurance and Project Reviews — Review on a periodic basis and before each major deliverable.
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