Alternative milk powder, Health drink, Nutritional, Whey base, Low lactose, Great flavor. For more information on NEW-DIMS click here.


Tomato powder usable in soups & sauces and as a replacement for canned tomato paste. Other items such as tomato juice and tomato drinks are being developed from this powdered substance. The product will be packaged in our special flexible pouch.

Product development is still under advisement, availability not scheduled


This is a traditional African food made into a convenience food (an instant powder).  The base ingredient is natural fermented corn flour. Usage of other African grains such as sorghum and millet are being evaluated. The Nutra-Maze flour can be used to make many fermented cereal foods. The Nutra-Maze corn flour can be used as a porridge cereal, or it can be flavor enhanced (brown sugar, and spices added). As an instant cereal it will be fortified with NEW-DIMS milk alterative, thereby increasing its nutritional value.  Nutra-Maze flour can be fermented further to make products like Banku and Kenkey.  Nutra-Maze Flour will be packaged in a flexible pouch.

Three forms are considered:
Nutra-Maze Corn Flour ( use as porridge, or for making corn flour dough products)
Nutra-Maze Natural Cereal (Fortified with New-Dims)
Nutra-Maze Brown Boy Cereal (Fortified with New-Dims and Flavor enhanced)

Product development is still under advisement, availability not scheduled


We have focused much of our attention on processing and packaging the products noted above, however we are willing to collaborate on other products that fit our objectives and goals of providing nutritional, affordable, profitable, quality products.  We can facilitate Research & Development activity, and feature advance technology in dry blending and adding liquids to dry blended products. Our packaging capability features form-fill-seal machines that produce flexible pouches.  Pouch materials include paper, poly, foil and various composites.

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